Looking for front and rear sprockets and chain for 1995 XR600

I am looking for a used or close to new front- rear sprockets and a chain for my 600. Funds kinda low...would like to go with a 13 tooth front to slow it down for my son? Any suggestions on a better way?



Rocky mt. is about the cheapest I have found.

Rocky mountain has a great deal on the kits. It's quite a bit cheaper than the parts. I think that the kit is stock gearing only so you will get a 14/48 combo(14/50 in 89,90). Just get the kit and get a 13 if they have one. It might be cheaper than getting just the 13.

If you go Rocky Mountain, spend the extra $15 to get the X-ring chain. I have an O-ring and I don't really like it. The inner links are hollow. The X-ring is solid like every other chain that I have ever seen.

Welcome to TT. Ebay seller dirtparts, RK x-ring chain JT steel sprockets whatever gear ratio you want for $90, thats about the price of the chain alone. You can just search ebay for Honda xr 650 l

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