New or used?

I narrowed my choice of four stroke down the WR400 or 426. Any opinions on buying a new one or saving some $$ and getting a used one?

Plenty of nice 1 - 2 year old WR's out there at pretty good prices. Don't buy any junk. Be patient and find one that looks alomost like new that has a mature/knowledgeable owner.


I too would be curious to see some opinions on this. I am kind of in the same boat and have come across numerous used WR400's. Were there that many advances in the 426 version to warrant spending the extra $ over a good used 400? Performance, features, reliability, startability (not sure if this is even a word!) are topics that come to mind. I guess another pertinant question would be to compare the 1999 and 2000 WR's.

Good question newto2wheels. Sorry about hopping onto your question. I too have pretty much narrowed down my choices from a WR, DRZ400E, 400 E/XC, KLX300, or new KDX, just to a WR. Now just have to pick a displacement and throw down the cash!

That's okay Millpool. I've duplicated other peoples questions too. You looked at the same bikes I did! I like the WR because I'm new to riding bikes and as my skills progress I can retime the cams for YZF performance without having to buy another bike. My wife found out I've been looking at bikes and getting on the internet and doing research. She actually gave me the OK, to go out and get a new toy today. I've been checking out all the mods that everyone does to their bikes, and wonder why? THe KTM's seem to have superior OEM performance parts on them. But, I don't really want to ride a KTM. Might be too expensive in the long run. I think I'll try to get a used one. Don't want to shell out too much $$ though. Have to find out what used ones are going for these days.

Need to find used WR's on the web, anyone know any good sites to go to?

I'd go neeeewww!


If your "RICH" go new, if your like the most of us, you can find a real nice bike used for a good price. Just take your time and if your not sure what your looking at, take someone that does to help you out. I got my 00'YZ426 when it was only 5 months old and not used alot or beat for $4000, cost($6000 NEW). Which then was an awesome deal, and the bike still kicks butt with no problems. "KNOCK KNOCK ON WOOD" ENJOY! ~Hitman~

Go used......Save your money for when they go on a Diet. Just my 2 cents.

Pete :)

Originally posted by newto2wheels:

I narrowed my choice of four stroke down the WR400 or 426. Any opinions on buying a new one or saving some $$ and getting a used one?

If you decide you want a used 2001 let me know. You can see my signature for all the details on the bike...and it's famous! (it's the one I used to take all of the pictures of the ThumperTalk fender stickers for the website). It has very low hours...since Bryan and I spend *all* of our spare time making ThumperTalk a great place for you guys, we don't have time to ride anymore. Seriously, it's a really nice bike, so send me an email if you're interested...


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