My Totally Free RM250!

This is my first bike ever! I received from my dads friend's friend. It has been sitting for a few years and to my knowledge all it needs to run is a clutch lever and perch. I'm sure there is a ton of maintnenece that it needs also. What kind of maintnenece can i perform myself and what must i have and experienced person do? I am pretty mechanically inclined and have built up 2 strokes from scratch for smaller applications such as go-peds. What year it is? Also I realize it is way to much bike for a newb such as myself, but its all I got and free is free so all first time riding tips are much appreciated.



Its dirty in the pictures becuase it was to cold to clean the bike.

fast take at it. Its a 91 but could be 92 but its one of those years.

Its a 91'. As for what to do to it before riding it (depending on how long it sat), just the usual stuff. Clean the carb carefully, check the air filter, check the radiators and change the anti-freeze, change the oil, change the plug and fire it up.

Persoanlly, i'd take the clutch plates out and clean them and i'd also check the water pump for corrosion too, but again thats if it sat for a long time.

Looks like a 91. change the oil in the bottom end. Put type F atf in it, this will help clean any goo out of the tranny. empty any liquid from the fuel system that used to be fuel. I would pull the carb out, disassemble it completely, and clean it. pay special attention to the pilot circuit! Blow it dry, put it all back together and put it back on the bike. Clean and oil the air filter. Slowly turn the engine over to make sure it hasnt seized from sitting. Pour in some new fuel and fire her up!!!! Lube the chain, make sure the clutch is free, by pulling in your new lever a few times. Put it in gear and see what happens!. If there is a smile on your face when all is done, start saving your money for a new top end. By the looks of the bike it has never been done. In the meantime, pull your rear linkage apart, clean and lube all the bearings, and replace the really bad ones.Lube the steering head bearings.Check the brake pads. This may sound like alot of work right now, but the bike has not been maintained for years, if ever. If you don't maintain it starting right now, this free bike could become a nightmare. Have fun, and good luck!!!

If you've done a lot of small engine 2 stroke work, then you should be able to get this running without going to a dealer. Fix the clutch lever and then drain the gas tank and clean out the carb. When your cleaning the carb out, make sure that you get all of the small passageways. So plan on spending a couple of hours and a large can of carb cleaner on it.

As far as riding goes, just take it easy. That bike will be fast enough to keep up with most modern bikes, so take it easy and get to know the bike.

most everything has been covered as far as getting it ready to go. when you get the new clutch and brake levers, put them on and make sure the clutch cable isn't breaking. good way to tell on older cables, attach the cable on to the lever, tighten it and as you tighten squeeze the lever. continue to do this until the lever has a little bit of play (about the size of a penny to a nickle should be able to fit in between the lever and the perch, as if you were sticking a quarter into a slot machine...). as your tightening it if you hear the cable start to break, you'll have to replace it (might want to just because).

once you get the bike running and youve got that big gin on your face. it'll be time to go through the brakes :lol:. out with the old and in with the new (brake fluid that is) dot4 i think is the recommended brake fluid used. check the pads and rotors make sure they're not warped. bleed the front and rear brakes. make sure they aren't leaking. (dont try and repair the lines if they're leaking :lol: just replace the lines. with the amount of pressure that fluid pushes through there you'll just be waisting your time and giving yourself a head ache if you try). take off both wheels, inspect and grease all bearings and sleeves, replace if needed. tighten all spokes. make sure that airbox is clean. i found a rats nest in mine when i first got it.:eek:

also, before running it. take the exhause off, the silencer and the pipe. if you have an air compressor, blow air through it to make sure its not plugged up. make sure all wiring has good connection and is not split anywhere.

you might want to invest in an owners shop manual.

i would run 32/1 with 93oc gas. bel-ray oil is what i use. good stuff!

:applause: good luck

the only advice i can give you is to respect the bike. don't be scared of it but respect it. older bikes like these the power band is a little less forgiving and is a little more intense. keep a smile on your face and you'll love it!

Wow! Thanks for the help guys! There is a lot of stuff I guess it needs. Today I got a clutch, engine coolant, transmission fluid, chain lube. Im gonna order a carburetor rebuild kit tommorow. And this weekend I will just take all day and just clean this thing up inside and out. I got this:

Service Manuel

Hoping it will help. I will get some brake fluid, and I will clean and re-oil the air filter. When i'm done i will try to fire it up. I do have some questions though:

When the bike is in gear and I try to roll it with the clutch in and it is harder to roll than neutral. It rolls, but not as easily. Its not a jerky movement like its in gear but just harder all around. Is that normal or did I adjust the clutch wrong?

The bike probably doesnt need all that stuff, they are just things to check over. Make sure the ATF you are putting into the tranny is 'type F'! Save your money with that carb rebuild kit, just clean up what you have. I like to soak my carb in a 4/1 mixture of warm water and concrete driveway cleaner (yes you guys read it right!) I don't know what the stuff is, you get it at your local hardware store. Soak your carb and parts for about an hour, rinse, and blow dry with some compressed air, especially all the little passages. You will be amazed at how shiny and new looking your carb will be! As for your bike being hard to push when in gear with the clutch pulled in. Now you have yourself some BIG trouble!!!!! Haha... just kidding! That is the way it is supposed to be! It's perfect. Now get your ass out of that chair, peel your eyes away from the monitor, and get to work!

start with checking the clutch cable to make sure the clutch is engaging all the way. there should be 2 adjustments for it, one on the perch and one on the actual cable (i think this year's cable has it). if it still does it, you'll want to do what "tkitna" said. take out the clutch assembly and clean her up and replace what's needed.

i know it might seem like your throwing alot of money into this right now but if you do it right you'll be saving sooo much more in the long run.

if it kicks over, i would run it for a little bit get it nice and warm put it in gear. if it's hard to roll with the clutch pulled it's probably gonna be fun (or atleast fun to watch) to take off....and then change your trans oil again. :applause:

First thing i would do is fill it with gas and kick 20 times. Just to get that vagas feel. If it start rev it lightly and shut it down then work on it.

Youll do a better job working on a bike that you know runs.

First thing i would do is fill it with gas and kick 20 times. Just to get that vagas feel. If it start rev it lightly and shut it down then work on it.

Youll do a better job working on a bike that you know runs.

Totally true!!!!!!!!!!


well played!

More questions:

Is this oil okay? This is what the person at the shop gave me:

Honda HP Trans Oil

Also how do I know how much to put in?

Also how do I change the coolant? Do I just disconnect that bottom hose? How much new coolant do I put back in?

the honda oil is fine, like I told you before... type f atf. It has some detergents in it that will clean your trans. and clutch. Cheap too. fill your trans with 750cc, or 3/4 of a litre of fluid. make sure your anti freeze is a mixture of 50% distilled water. Check the bottle of the anti freeze first, it may already be a 50/50 mix. Pulling the hose will work, fill it all the way! check it after the bike has been warmed.

I drain my oil and then poor alittle of the new stuff into it and just let it run right through it while SOFTLY pushing the kick start down a few times. then plug her back up and put the rest in (@750cc). there is a drain plug for the coolant at the bottom of the engine casing, i might be somewhere further towards the exhaust. if you cant find it taking off the hose that connects to the engine will work...i ran lucas transoil in the manual and see what it says about recommended oil weight...get very formilar with that book. it's your friend!!! :applause:

How tight do I make the spokes? Do i make them tight or just so they are all even? Because all of them are loose so I figure that there should be some sort of balance to it or those spokes have never been tightened.

Tighten the spokes gradually, tap the spoke with something metel, like a wrench. If you hear dull thud, the spoke is loose. Gradually tighten, and tap untill you start to hear a kind of ringing metalic sound. Kind of hard to describe. Be carful, don't get overzealous here, you could possibly bend the rim. A little at a time is the way to do it.

Well I have found some small cracks in the frame and it obviously needs a paint job. In order to paint the frame and get it fixed I need to take everything off. Do these things just come apart bolt by bolt or are there special tools and things that are tensioned and/or compressed. So basically my question is can a mechanically inclined 15 year old and a service manual handle it? I am thinking about doing it since it is already a quarter ripped apart.

Are you sure about those small cracks? they're not just cracks in the paint? I wouldnt worry about the paint just yet. Get it working first.

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