My Totally Free RM250!

I rode it today!!!! The most fun I have had in a awhile. I didn't even leave first gear, but it was still awesome. My dad said i could go around the yard once so I took a lap and put it away. It was so much fun! No wonder so many people love riding these things! There a blast!

I took my dads friends advice and put my money into a nice pair of boots and some nice pants. I will purchase a chest protector later because right now i'm sick of spending

Tech 7 Boots

Core S6 Pants

Sahara Gloves

Good to hear, A* and Thor make some good gear. :thumbsup:

I think im gonna go to 40:1. Im getting a lot of spooge. I held my hand in front of the exhaust for 30 seconds and it was black. I have also been checking the plug and it just keeps getting blacker. So im gonna try to run the rest of the gas out of this tank and then im gonna run a little less oil. Im gonna ride it first so I can make sure its not just because of the low RPM idling thats doing it.

this thread has been rather interesting i must say. you need to go riding soon. i want to hear your thoughts on it. lol. stay away from the paved road though.

this thread has been rather interesting i must say. you need to go riding soon. i want to hear your thoughts on it. lol. stay away from the paved road though.

I wanna ride, but I cant find anywhere to go! I think i'm just gonna go to some tracks and the people riding on them are just gonna have to deal with me.

you cant find like a field out in the boondocks or somethin? what about your dad's friend's house? or maybe ask him about a place you can ride

We have been hunting for fields to ride in, but it seems it is more difficult than I thought. I'm in a farming state and I cant find a field.

If you ever see any other trucks around your area with bikes in the back, ask where they go. If you seldom see any bikes, look at the back widows of trucks, if you see motocross stickers, such as fox, or thoe, etc... ask if they ride, and where. Go to dealerships, especially the ones that seem to deal with alot of dirtbikes, and ask

got some questions:

I have a lot of oil coming out of where the silence connects to the pipe. It is very snug on the pipe. Why is this? Also I have a lot of gunk below were the exhaust meets the cylinder. Is this normal or do I need to replace that ring and buy new springs? Also i have read that most 2 strokes don't idle or run better when they are not tuned to idle. Is this true



that gunk is commonly known as spooge. your bike is probably jetted to rich. you really need to get out and ride it. its gonna smoke and spooge up until you get on the gas and clean it out. but the spooge comes out of where the pipe meet the motor and where the silencer meets the pipe. it no big deal just clean it up every now and again. my cr idles just fun and runs extremely strong. this is just a rumor.

I thought it was spooge. I'm gonna try mixing like 40:1 first and then see if that helps. Also I'm gonna ride it as hard as I can to my abilities. I just about have the clutch down so I'm probably gonna go to that track near me soon.

My uncle came over and I took out the bike just for a lap around the yard. My uncle then went for a ride and really got to open her up. It ran so well. He took it down the street and he was flying! This bike is fast! He said then I should be careful because the clutch is sensitive. It seemed the bike needed to be opened up because it is smoking less now and seems to run a little better. I'm going riding next weekend!

I wouldn't worry too much about the jetting or anything until you really learn to ride.

When I first got my CR250 I was fouling a lot of plugs (it was my first dirt bike as well). Now that I'm comfortable on it and can ride it fairly hard, I haven't fouled a plug since.

You may have to replace a few though until you can learn to clean her out right. So until then, make sure you bring a few extra plugs and a wrench with you :applause:

Finally got to ride it yesterday:ride: Must say I am sore. I obviously wasn't doing anything extreme, but i am tired. I hadn't realized how physically demanding it is. I do have some questions about the bike and my riding. I laid the bike down around a turn yesterday and put a big fat dent in the pipe. Am I suppose to fix this or is it ok? How can i tell when i hit the powerband? I was riding and there was a point where the RPMs shot up and the bike takes off, but it wasn't like gonna flip on me? People have been telling me its a violent acceleration and its hard to control? The front end did unload and the back tire did get a little shaky but it wasn't bad.

Riding Questions:

Also I found myself struggling to shift? It was hard to get my foot under the shifter unless I sat up on the seat. Should I do that because it seemed awkward? Also I found my standing on the balls of my feet when standing up when going over jumps. When I tried riding with the arch of my foot on the foot peg I kept braking and hitting the shifter accidentally. Is there a definite foot position? Also where do I put my weight in the turns? When i tried leaning it i could go faster but i kept losing control. When I put weight on the outside peg I had a lot more control, but I couldn't turn as fast and it felt weird. Thanks in advance!

Maybe you have to raise your shifter a little. It is a very simple thing to do . also i jump with the balls of my feet too.

If you lose control as you accelerate on a turn, try looking at the exit corner instead of the ground. Keep your head up, your bike will go where you head is facing. Also, watch how people ride on the track. Also, try to lock up your rear at slow speed, so it creates a "drift", that way you won't panic too much when you rear wheel swings hard on you at high speed.

my 2 cents

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