Valves - Riding when mal-adjusted.

I just did a valve job on my 2005 XR650R. 6 months ago, I got them spot on. Unfortunately, they tightened up a bit, so I loosened them, but I loosened them too much this time around. I'm now getting the annoying clanking from the loose valves.

I probably won't have time to re-adjust them until this weekend, but would like to ride tomorrow to work. Is this generally a bad idea with loose and loud valves?

I should probably stick with my own intuition that tells me just to let her sit until I get it right.


Always better too lose than tight. Too tight burns valves, thus leakage from warp or pitting.

What's that old saying? "A noisy valve is a happy valve"

Obviously the correct spec is the best thing but too loose is safer then too tight.

"a Slappy Valve Is A Happy Valve"

That's it! :applause:

They're so quick to adjust, why not just make it right and ride. I had the same issue because I wanted to adjust them to the "safe side", but the extra clatter was too much. I redid it before the next ride and got it spot on and it's nice and QUIET now.

I adjusted my valves 3 times in the same day when I put a new cam in. The first time the moly lube got in the way and they were loose. The second time I was just retarded and they were loose. The third time I developed a technique for tightening the jam nut while maintaining the proper clearance and they are good now.

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