Chaning Jets

How do you guys change your mains and pilots?? The firt time i went to the 48/170 i took my whole sub frame off so i could tilt the carb back. Is there an easier way to do it ?

u can easilyl change it with the cables still on...and the carb haning offf...i just remove the shrouds, numberplates, seat, completer subframe with air box...air boot, and unscrew the tank to let is loose so i can position it out of my way.....when i clean and recheck the float height...i take the entire carb out.....some people say to remove ur shock....which isnt that hard also...but w/e

If you remove the upper engine mounts, disconnect the hot start at the carb to avoid breaking it, and disconnect the TPS connector from the harness for a little extra slack, you can rotate the carb far enough to change the jets without removing the sub frame.

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