Dented silencer and mid-pipe

My silencer has a good sized dent in it that I thought I could bang out from the other side. So i took it off my bike just now and see that my mid pipe has some good size dents in it too. Will this affect the performance of my bike at all? I was thinking it would and was a good excuse to get a new one?



what kinda bike is htat? cause on my 426, it sorta flatens out (just a touch) to clear the frame like in ur second pic. its hard to tell how deep those dents are though. also i know on the WB pipes, sometimes tehy come with factory "dents" (not nearly as big as thoughts) in htem to clear things such as brake calipers (on the 400ex quad they do this). but anyhow, its the perfect excuse to get a new exhaust... my E-series is too loud, and i cant stand my Q pipe. just need to find a way to order the new WB E2 and put it on my bike without my parents knowing so tehy dont start charging me rent to "absorb" all my extra money i spend on my bikes. lol

It's an 01 426, I thought the dent in the mid pipe was to clear something but it doesnt look uniform at all, like it was supposed to be there. Any experience with an FMF powercore 4?

I believe the one in the midpipe is supposed to be there to clear the frame, the other one shouldn't hurt your performance and you can get it out if you take the muffler apart.

Isnt the other dent from the factory..???? Clearence for the brake caliper..???

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