426 '00 to '01 clutch questions

I'm apologizing up front... Sorry to rehash the topic but after 7 pages into my search, I haven't heard found the answer I'm looking for.

While I don't really have problems with my current clutch, other than it is worn out, I'd like to upgrade to the 01 setup. I have the '00 to '01 parts list but I don't know exactly what to order for a clutch kit. I read positive reviews of the GYTR but the only thing I can find is the GYTR clutch kit for the 03-06 450s.

Does this fit the '00?

Does it include the inner most (12)friction plate / (13)spring, clutch boss / (14)plate seat? (#) is from the yami parts diagram.

Any reason this stuff wont fit in a Hinson clutch basket for a '00? Motosport.com has a smoking deal on a Hinson basket for $103.

Gray... not trying to be rude as I respect your helpfulness... please re-read the first post and my two questions. I've searched and searched. Everybody including you says the GYTR stuff is great. Now that I know which clutch pack I want and I already have the 00 to 01 part numbers, what do I really need to order?

If you're planning to modify your existing clutch, re-using most of it, then yes, use the posted Yamaha part numbers for items 12-14. They will all fit into any Hinson basket I'm familiar with.

Install the boss spring so that the OD is tilted outward.

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