06 450 Suspension Revalve Worth It???

I am a 175 lb. intermediate rider. I have an '06 YZ450F and ride almost exclusively on trails (from desert to tight and technical single track). I've always preferred the firmer suspensions and lighter weight of race bikes and have usually opted for race bikes (2 and 4 stroke) over WRs and modified them for the trail.

I have been very impressed with the stock suspension on the '06 and have been able to dial it in to my liking and riding ability.

With the hours on my bike, it's past time to change the oil/seals etc. in my forks, and I have been wondering whether it would be worth it to have the suspension revalved and set up for my weight/riding style while I'm at it. I've heard that the stock suspension is pretty much dialed in for my weight, and I'm not sure spending the extra cash would result in a suspension mod that I would notice much or that would improve my riding (and no... I'm not trading off this mod to buy an aftermarket pipe).

Should I seriously consider a full suspension upgrade/revalve... or just stick with a simple oil/seal change and hit the trail.


My suspension guy, Race Tech authorized, told me the stock valves in the 06 are pretty damn good and he saw no real need to go to gold valves. He did do some shimming and tuning for me though and it really helped. He also said it is very common for the valves to be loose from the factory, so you may need to tighten them down. I had heavy springs put in for my wieght, 275, and good oil put in too. My suspension is dailed in so well right now it makes me happy just sitting here thinking about it. I never knew how much that could help.:applause:

I am about your weight and skill level, and ride mostly offroad type stuff. I had some issues with getting the front end to stick in corners and have an overall plush feel to the suspension. All I had to do was have the springs changed for my weight and it made a huge difference. No revalving involved. It made a huge difference, this bike is perfect now.

Just get it sprung correctly before you do any revalving, it will reward...

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