TT NOOBIE and 03 XR650L new owner

OK go easy on me first time TT'r and also first time dual sport owner i just got a 03 XR650L and am STOKED to say the least, for one to have this bike and also to find this forum WOW talk about alot of info this forum Rocks!!! I spent all last night looking through posts and coulndt reply to any LOL had to make it to work to activate membership. Well i live in the High Desert in SoCal so any 760'rs in the Victorville area or other SoCal peeps let me know whats going on in the area. Im a long time MX'r so im definitely not new to off road riding just new to the asphalt. I got this bike with 9k miles for just $2600 :applause: so i think i got a steal of a deal from looking for weeks and seeing other prices. Bike has a E-Series slip on, smog removed, need to see if carb mods are done yet but otherwise bike is pretty stock. I will be doing some suspension mods and looking for more info on mounting a GPR stabilizer so anyone that has info on how to mount a GPR let me know please.

Welcome to TT, and congrats on the bike, Price was very fair! I read all the time where poeple are willing to pay that for a 98 model. I got my 04 L with some road miles on her all stock for $3200. And like you spent a lot of time looking and researching the bike, then finally one fell out of the blue right in front of me, couldnt turn it down.



BRP= Big Red Pig, Welcome to TT.

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