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Hey All,

Just bought an '06 WR450F and started looking into the free mods talked about here on TT. I have some questions hopefully you all can answer. I've been riding it for a couple weekends here in FL in preperation for a big ride in WV in 2 weeks. I want to open it up before a go but don't want to screw anything up before the "big ride" or spend much time tweeking. I have 1 weekend left to get ready. With that in mind what would you do to the bike?

Also, any help on these would be appreciated:

1. Which mod gives you the best performance improvement?

2. Can you do these mods independently of each other, or are there some that need to be done in conjunction with another? (ie; can I do the throttle stop cut-back and roll?)

3. I understand that the AIS kit stops the popping noise, but does it improve performance? I read somewhere here that it really doesn't? What needs to be done in conjuction with the removal?

4. When cruising along in a high gear and low RPM's, there is a knocking noise made when the throttle is laid on. Downshifting and getting the RPM's back up stops the noise. Is that normal?

Agian, I have 1 weekend left before my big ride and just want to get the most out of the bike.


If you wanna get your bike ready for the big ride, this is what you need to do and i would think most on here would agree.

call thumper talk, order a pro moto inster (pmb) about 65 bucks.

this will take the pie shoot out of the stock exhaust. it will still keep the bike quite but will also give you some more power.

while you are at it also buy the TT AIS removal kit. its better than the yamaha one. its also about 70 bucks. it takes about 40 mins to install.

your will need to also buy a JD jetting kit so you can rejet your bike so it runs right in the area you ride in. its also 70 bucks but worth it.

pick a zip tie fuel screw too. make sure you get the right one. ask when you call.

Depending on what jetting specs are recommened in the Jetting guide, you might need to pick up some more jets. there are a couple good websites that you order these from.

you might as well do all of them at once, if you leave the smog pump on, you will have a hard time jetting your bike. your bike is already lean so if you run it hard (throttle stop cut) you run the risk of damaging the motor.

you have no idea how this is going to change the bike. take the time, spend the money and get your bike running right so you can have good time your up coming ride.

oh and when your in high gear going slow that noise is normal!

also try using the search button it works wonders.:applause:

Actually that noise can be fixed easily, just put some silicone under the swing arm chain guard so that when the chain slaps it, you won't get that knocking type noise any more.....

So the chain noise is from hitting the top guide not the guide on the swingarm? Only complaint about the bike it the chain noise. Pretty good bike if that is all I can complain about.

yup, lifting it up and putting silicone under fixes it

Initially I was very disappointed with the bike. Thank the bike gods for helping me find this site. Now I have a 450 that I actually like to ride.

Took me about about 3 hours to do the work:

- pro moto insert

- airbox snorkel

- smog removal

- throttle stop

- jd jetting

The bike runs perfect and actually starts now without the choke!! Thank you all so much!!

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