A once in a million thread topic: valves

I am not going to lie, I havent checked my valves a single time since I bought my bike in november of '05. :applause:

Should I worry about it? My bike does take 4-5 good kicks to get going cold but only 1 kick when warm. What do ya'll think? Should I check them or not even worry about it?

Yes, you should check them. No, you probably won't find anything that needs correcting. It's part of the regular inspections you should be doing as a responsible owner.

That reminds me.....

Could the hard starting just be the fact that I havent changed the spark plug in a year???

Now that I think about it over the past year I havent done much of anything other than keep the airfilter clean and change the oil/oilfilter religiously.

Could be, but hard cold starting, along with low perceived compression when cold, is also a sign of tight intakes.

Thanks for reminding me I bought mine in march of 2006 and havnt checked them.

i havn't checked my valves since i bought my bike in jan 20 sumtin and it starts up first kick cold and warm. should i? bike runs good and sounds awsome. my friends 450 though needs a couple kicks to start cold/warm. he bought it used too

I'm in the same boat with ya'll. I have put 55 hours on my bike (hour meter) since October. I haven't checked the valves yet, just regular oil and air filter changes. It starts 1-2 kicks everytime, hot or cold, and runs like a bat outa hell.

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