WR450 License plate bracket

Does anyone know where I can get a decent license plate bracket for an 06 WR450?? I have been trying to get ahold of the guys at fourstrokesonly.com, but they must be out of business, or must not want mine or something. They have a nice aluminum bracket that bolts right up to the rear fender, which is what I want. Can't seem to find anything comparable anywhere else- Thx

I went to pacific steel and got some 1/8 inch thick aluminum and fashioned a plate holder and fastened it to the fender with 3 bolts and rubber grommets. I think its better than anything I could buy and it cost like $1.50.

I have an 07 but made mine out of a plastic roof vent from Lowes. It is very sturdy but flexible. Aluminum doesn't bend back. Run a search on license plate brackets and you'll fine my posts. Shoot me an email at greg@highdesertadventures.net and I'll send you pics.

Thanks for the quick replies- The one from Scotts Performance is exactly what I was looking for.


Just talked to Andy from fourstrokes only and ordered plate holder, brake light switch and l.e.d light.

I gave up a long time ago trying to communicate with the guys at fourstrokesonly. I know others have had good success, but they simply never answer the phone or return any messages.

I had the scotts license holder and its ok. But if/when you crash you run the risk of the license plate getting bent back a little. Then the plate will catch the rear tire and bend it up. doesn't hurt the tire though...

I just bought a license plate bracket from a guy off of ebay who custom makes a super sturdy one that extends out far enough to avoid the rear tire.

See this link... but email the guy and ask for the bracket only.


I bought my 2005 WR450 used, it came with this (formerly unidentified) white license plate bracket on it (now I know where it came from!). It really is a well built item, bolts up to the bottom of the stock taillight assembly. Note that you bolt your plate to a piece of rubber, which bolts to the license plate bracket. Toss the rubber piece, it didn't even survive the first day of a dual sports ride in Terlingua last November. (Fortunately I was keeping an eye on it so I wouldn't lose my plate out there!) I fabricated a simple bracket to replace the rubber one, I'm good to go! :bonk:

This guy on eBay has a pretty unique bracket posted for the 07 WR450, too, check it out you lucky 07 owners.



i have the baja designs one with the led tail light. i like mine.

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