xr650l vs dr650se

i recently made a post asking which dr would be better for me and i have been told that the 650 would be better due to my weight and type of riding i will be doing. And i thank everyone who gave me input, although now i have another question. The dealer can also get me a honda although he does not stock the XR due to most customers purchasing the DR due to price. But which one is better for an all around dual sport bike. I understand that the springs on the DR will have to changed ($$), although the XR can be adjusted. Also the XR comes with more of an all around better tire stock. So on the DR i would have to spend money right away which would bring the two bikes two almost the same price kinda. Anyway i have ruled out the KLR, i will only be purchasing new from this dealer. Also i dont want any baja/kits the bike must be street legal from factory. Thanks again. I should mention i am 300lbs - 6' 2.5" my riding will be probally mostly street, although i am planning to ride atv trails and explore nothing crazy.

The XRL in my opinion would be my choice as i looked at the 3 XRL, DRZ, + KLR i know the xr is a few hundred more MSRP but ill take the one that has more offroad capabilities over street MY.02

I like the XRL personally, I have ridden the Suzuki & Kawi & stick with the Honda

for my dualsport machine. also weighing in at 300 I have changed my springs to accommodate my size :applause:

I'm 6'2" and 280...(the XR is taller)

When I was shopping this year, I was looking for the 650 that was more dirt and believe I clearly found that with the XRL.

If you're going to do MOSTLY street, then the DR may be a better choice.

That's a tough one, I like them both but ride an xrl and I'm a big guy too. I think the aftermarket is a little better for the honda. A spring upgrade to the DR makes it look like a different bike, nice aggressive stance.

What's the price difference? Buying new, I personally wouldn't pay 1000 more for the honda, 500 would be iffy.

Both need some tweaking, rejetting, etc, toss a coin.:applause:

This question comes up all the time on advrider.com. Usually the rabid DR owners show up and talk about how the DR shortcomings are somehow an advantage. I looked at the DR and I looked at the KLR and I picked the XR. I lowered my XR for less than $100.00 and it rocks! I will never "out ride" my XR.

My comparison:

They weigh the same.

The seat on the XR is more comfortable.

The oil cooler hangs off the side on the DR. Having an oil cooler might be an advantage. Hanging it on the side like an afterthought looked dangerous. Pointy stick - OUCH - long push back to civilization. Some people install oil coolers on XRL's but they mount them over the front fender like the XR400 - SAFE.

The XRL's gas tank is small. The DR's gas tank is small too. In fact it's only 1/2 gallon larger than the XR.

Everyone says that the KLR is best on road. The XR is best off road. So that must mean that the DR is right in the middle right? No, all that tells me is that it's not as good at anything.

Stock tires suck. They are no reason to prefer one bike over another. They must be changed.

Truthfully the DR is a nice bike and it will get you everywhere you want to go but the XR is a damn fine bike that is plenty comfortable on road for long rides and does a heck of a job in the dirt - don't let anyone tell you different.

Like I said - it's just my opinion. And I am biased. I really like my XR.

I Have Owned Both And By Far I Would Say Go With Th Xr. I Bought The Dr New From The Dealer And All I Had Was Trouble From Day 1. Had To Take It In For Major Work 3 Times In The First 800 Miles. I Finally Sold It With 1100 Miles On It And Took A 2500 Dollar Loss. My 2006 Xr Now Has 2800 Miles And Runs Like A Dream! I Did Lower It Due To My 5'8" Height And 160lbs Weight.

I'm a big guy also -- 6'5", 270 -- so fit was a big question when I looked at the three bikes. I wanted genuine dirtability, and although skilled riders can take a KLR anywhere, I wanted as much engineered advantage as I could get. In other words, the XRL's built for dirt and does roads. In my estimation, it does roads well.

Back to the big guy issues. The XRL's taller, had better suspension front and rear, and didn't need a new rear shock (capacity is 330 lbs, according to the manual). You'll pay for some mods with any of the bikes, but the Honda's a no-brainer to work on (and I'm a mechanical no-brainer, so that's saying something).

The Honda is both agile and roadworthy, and I'm happy with my purchase -- at least until I hone my skills enough (and fat my wallet enough) to dig in with a KTM.

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