FMF Megamax - none made for WR?

Several posts I have read praise the FMF Megamax as being one of the better exhaust systems. I have tried to find one and it appears that they do not make one for a WR400. Did they ever, or were WR owners modifying them to fit?

FMF stopped to build them but I have one megamax 2 on mine and It fits perfectly and run great!

I havent found any version, Megamax or Megamax 2, made for a WR. I've seen the adds for the Megamax II but then I call for info and the sales guys tell me FMF doesnt make one for the WR. They say only the Powercore IV is available. Maybe I'm talking to the wrong sales guys. Any suggestions who sells these that know the facts?

I don't believe FMF makes them for the WR/YZ's any more. They quit about the time they started with the Powercore Series. I have both a FMF MEGA MAX 2 and a Powercore 4SQ. Other than being able to tone down the exhaust note by removing plates and using the quietcore on the MEGAMAX I really can't tell much difference between the two. Most of my riding is lower speed trail stuff. Maybe the desert guys notice a difference at the upper end but not me. Just my 2 cents.

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