YZ426 Dual Sport Kit?

Websites & Yamaha say I need a new WR stator for my YZ426 (only)

BajaDesign says I need the WR stator, new flywheel, and cdi.

Anyone here put a dual sport kit on your YZ426, and what extra's did you have to get?

- Jason


The CDI is not necessary, only the flywheel and stator.I sent you an email w/ att. that has some pretty good instructions.

Do the WR Stator and Flywheel! I have a Baja Designs kit on my 2002 426 and I do not like how far out the external stator sits. In fact, while I was looking for a skid plate, I scraped it on a rock and tore it up to where it had massive oil leaks.

I switched to the WR stator (with Flywheel) and it works great. Not only does it work, but you get to use your stock crank case cover and will be well protected. My advice, follow the instructions from Electrex, I believe, and by all means, when you redirect the ground wire inside the WR stator be careful! Make sure you use the right kind of epoxy (I used JB Weld rated for water proof and over 300 degree continual heat) and tuck the wire away so it will not rub on the inner cylinder of the flywheel. I made this mistake and learned the hard way...caused an arc and made me misfire.

will a wr400 stator and fly wheel go onto a 1999 yz400f??? i thought i read somewhere it wouldnt work??

Yes it will, if you give me your email I will send you a pdf file that has the instructions.


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