updated pics of my 426, what cha think?

let me know what you think, i have a carlsbad 120/90-19 and a millville 120/90-19 coming in on thurs along with a fork saver. i got my oakleys in monday and took some pictures (they look hot)

can see my other pics here http://s64.photobucket.com/albums/h178/clunkahollic/?start=0





Lookes nice man heres my wr426 in yz trim...


Its had some upgrades since the pic though...

man that looks sweet also:D . anyone else want to throw up some pics of there 426's? please :applause:

ps. i wish i had a powerbomb

heres my 450 i still need to put my headlight on but i allready have everything i am gonna run one head light and i thought about a tail light but i dond think im gonna do it its for sand mountain

dmoney that is one sweet 426 it looks new





I sold my 426 today...

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