NOT happy with works connection radiator cages!

Yamahafan, I would like to hear your report on the Moose radiator guards when your done with the insallation. If you could post a picture that would be cool. I'm in the market and really like the look. I couldn't find them in the TT store though. Did you find a good price?

Thanks Alot!

Has anyone tried the new Moose Radiator Guards? I'm not sure they make them for the 06-07 bikes yet but, they look nice.


When I spoke with the owner of (Mike) in 2006 about their radiator guards for my 06 yzf, they were also designing/manufacturing the radiator guards for Moose. Not sure about 2007, but they do make some things for Moose - the Moose version is a little different from their own version, but it still came from the FlatlandRacing shop.

Do you guys have pics of the Moose radiator guards?

AV, I had a set of the Flatlands on my old Honda and they were pretty nice. They were strong and fit good but, I like the look of the Moose guards. I would prefer to leave the white louvers on the front. I just haven't seen them on a bike. Here is a look at the guards.

I used to catch my boot on the bottom corner of the shrowd, but after installing the WC radiator braces i have not since! i just did not run the supplied spacer on the bottom bolt and it actually sucked the bottom corner of the shrowd in so that it no longer catches on my boots.

I just installed the Moose guards on my 07 YZ450F. I would post a pic but not sure how on this web site.

I will tell you that hese things are not for the 07. I had to do a little fabrication to get them to fit. The 07 has a guard built in stock. You have to remove the stock guard and drill 2 3/4 inch holes on each Moose guard to clear the 2 mounting bosses on the inside of the radiator next to the frame. This is only required on the 07 they will fit the 06 without problem.

I also drilled 6 3/4 in holes on each guard to improve air flow through the back of the radiator.

The louvers and shrouds don't require trimming if you follow the directions. Having said that I did remove just a little bit form the louvers to make them fit just a little bit better. I'm probably going to take a little off the shrouds just to make removal and installation of the tank a little easier as well.

I'd be happy to post pics if I knew how. Guess I could email them if some one was really interested.

Hope this helps, John

I put a set of the works connection radiator guards on my 2006 yz450 about three weeks ago. It took me about 20 minutes of extra time to remove the material from the guards and shrouds, but I don't believe the integrity of the parts were compromised. Everything is now solidly mounted and fits perfectly. I'm actually very happy with the product and would recommend them. I'd rather remove the extra plastic material myself than pay an extra 50 bucks for the product.

Ditto, my only mild complaint is they seem to help trap more leaves and pine needles.

i went with flatland , and they seamed ok not too much trimming. and strong one piece welded. not bolt together.

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