New Graphics - White YZ

I recently changed my graphics when I worked with my dealer on a new graphics scheme that incorporated their logo. I was a little leary of how it would look because it had the red, white, and blue theme. I thought it may look too much like Captain America, but I think it turned out pretty good. What do you guys think?





This is on all new shrouds and plates, so I can go back and forth any time.

nice ride......... i think the previous graphics but then the after pic gives it more colour which = more life nit just black and white.. how much did it cost to convert it all to white. i wanna do it to either white or black?? all u need it front,rear and radiator shrouds right

I kinda like the black and white too because it is super clean looking, but its all about flying the colors of those that give you support.

It is super easy to change colors, and all it takes is plastic kit from Acerbis. 4 pieces total. You will have to get a seat cover also if you don't have a yellow or white bike.

I prefer the before pics. Infact, that bike with the simple black and white is one of my all-time favorites. I like it enough that it served as my desktop pic for a while :applause:

I think the new graphics looks awesome :applause:

The new graphics look great. :applause: What's wrong with Captain America? :eek:

I like them both. Here's a before and after of mine.





That Henry kit looks nice!!!!

Get well Henry!!

either way the bike looks great, but i think i like the red white and blue. i thought about doing my bike the same way because i have an MR2 helmet thats red/white/blue with a huge eagle on the side.

Where did you or can you order the AMA MX logo's that are on your number plates? The only thing I can find are packs of stickers for $13.99 on AMA's site, and each pack only has one of those stickers. I certainly don't want to pay $28 for two tiny stickers for number plates. Any suggestions?

MotoGraphX does my number plates. I just requested to have the AMA logo incorporated into the design. It is not a seperate sticker. Give them a look for numbers plates. They do good work and get them out to you fairly quickly.

Appreciate the reply. I'm going to look that up right now.

Both After sets of graphics look the best

I like the before, but the more I kept going back and looking at the cptn america I like that too. good job.

Hey Wyatt. What part of Texas are you in? Is that Gullo in Conroe?

I live north of Conroe. My dealer is actually Gullo Yamaha in Huntsville, TX. It is the same Gullo family that has numerous auto dealerships.

Cool.......... I'm in Tomball. Sure I'll see ya out at 3 Palms sometime.:applause:

Will be there racing the GP track this weekend. :applause:

where you get the "before" graphix? im definitly getting those

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