Opinion: To change or not to change?

I changed the oil and filter on my 06 YZ450 and have since ridden it for a total of 20 mins at Raceway Park in Englishtown. I am going trail riding this weekend and will probably be out for 3 hours or so. Should I change the oil again before I go?? Thanks

If there is any doubt in your mind and you have the time, change the oil. It is cheap insurance.

No need to change the oil.....change it after the trail ride:thumbsup:

I change my oil and filter every ride. Its cheap insurance.

You change your oil after 20 minutes?

You change your oil after 20 minutes?


Maybe I have some kind of a disorder about keeping clean oil in my bike. :applause:

Oil is cheap (Rotella) and I have time to kill, so why not? :eek:

I would go ahead and ride without changing it at this point.

i think 20 min is too long for a oil change. i would do it every 10 min lol... im just kidding i change my oil after every 2 rides or 1 race and one practice then 1 race and one practice. but always after every two to 3 rides, if i were you i would just go for the trail ride and then change it

ride on


You are joking right? Not necessary to change 20 minute old oil.

Gray, no, I normally wouldnt.I was just looking for opinions. If I did my normal 2 to 3 hour ride I would for sure. I have been using the Amsoil too and it is $9+ a quart from the dealer so if I dont feel I have too I wont. I know 9 dollars is cheap insurance but where do you draw the line??? 20 minutes????

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