Enduro bags

Looking for people with Enduro bags for the WR450. What's your experience with Dirt Bags, Wolfman, etc.... Any suggestions for luggage (i.e. basic day long riding gear?) Any suggestions or help is appreicated!

I've got the Moose Racing rear fender pack, and the Moose Racing spare tube pack on the front fender. I use the tube pack for tools, and the rear pack for everything from water, to spare spark plugs. They are cheap, and extremely high quality. I don't have any experience with any other packs, but here's one vote for Moose!! Here's a pic of the rear pack-


I've ridden many multi day rides and have packed my own tent and gear, run a chase truck, and have done the motel thing. My preference is the motel, hands down. Nothing wrong with either other option but when I'm on the trail I don't want to spend time setting up or tearing down or packing the bikes or truck. When packing my gear I used dirtbagz and they are fantastic. They carry all you'll need and create a "shelf" across your rear fender to strap your sleeping bag and tent to. Works great. The only problem I ever had with them was in Baja while riding too fast through deep whoops. The brackets and/or attachment points to the bikes just couldn't take that level of abuse (expected). I also used a wolfman enduro pack on my headlight for light things that I wanted access to easily. Those two items and a small hydropack and I was good to go for days. For motels I still use the wolfman front pack but carry the rest in a large Ogio backpack/hydropack. I was concerned about too much weight on my back but I carry only what I need (a visa card makes up the difference) and the pack really disperses the weight, even with water. I can ride all day no problem. Hope this helps.


I use a Wolfman Enduro Tool Kit rear fender bag, mounted so that the long dimension of the bag is over the fender. The quality is excellent. The bag is big enough to hold tools and a windbreaker. A benefit is that the bag is held on with velcro straps and can be easily removed. The velcro straps that hold the bag can also be used to strap down a jacket, or whatever, on top of the bag. Good product. :applause:


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