YZ Timing Revisited/Slow Going

Tonight im going back to WR timing. I will be honest with my findings. Meaning, I've stated before on how I didn't like the YZ timing but I've ridden the bike alot with it timed that way. I'll let you know what I think when I race the bike in Laughlin next weekend. I can remember how the bike felt when I first changed it, it really screamed through the mid to top and FINALLY hit the rev-limiter. I feel that I might not be as fast as most of you and don't need the bike to scream at 100mph. To me it's all about USEABLE power. I need the bike to have solid throttle control. (or the best I can get it)

I would like to get an opinion from a rider that loves to wheelie (and can for a long while) regarding this subject. Because if I didn't love to wheelie so much I would have never noticed the loss of throttle control. Without doing so I can't feel the loss of anything. With the WR timing you just can't control the front end as well, and with the YZ timing it's gone. I've tried getting use to it but im getting a little frustrated.

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OK, today since we've had about 10" of the white stuff and I have the time I'm going to try the switch. Yesterday I tried the YZ pipe with with BMP end cap 8 disc. The pipe alone seemed to ad to the mid range, I'm thinking with YZ timing and the 6 ounce flywheel weight this mod might be what I'm looking for. Also I have a DTP needle that I've never used, would there be any benefit to installing this needle over the stock DTM when I switch to YZ timing.........TW


How are the variable cam wheels installed? Are they pressed onto the cams? If so, were you able to do this yourself or is it something that would need to be sent to a machine shop?

i did it myself. i just opened the jaws of a vice. copper hammer, tap, tap and off came the old. tap, tap and on went the new. to do the new one's on i layed the wheels flat and pushed the cams down and in and then put the combo over a socket and tapped the cam right in.

easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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