06-07 rear shock swap?

My B rider sons 06 had something come apart in the trans. Untill I fix it I would like to put his moded suspension on my 07for him to race. I know that Yamaha increased the length of the rear shock by 1.5mm for 07. Will this cause a handling problem? Am I better off leaving the 07 shock on the bike? This is an improtant series for him. Any advise would help. Thanks.

While the forks have been a problem for some people, you could give some thought to how much difference the re-valve on the rear shock really made. You could slip the new forks into the '07 clamps, and leave the '07 shock. OTOH, it's very unlikely, IMO, that the shock length will make such a big difference that you would be unable to dial it out simply by changing the sag. You should be able to set the suspension up on the '07 just as it is on the '06 and have it work very nearly identically.

Thanks for your advise. I think I will swap it out. I think the front to rear balance would be better if I swap both ends.

Thanks again Grayracer.

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