I'm looking for an oil...not yamalube!!!! that has a smell when the bike is running....for 2strokes there was maxim 927 that had a distinctive smell. Is there an oil for 4strokes. i was at the track, an there were several bikes that had this smell....its not racing fuel or gas it's an oil.

You can switch to Castrol R40, a castor based lubricant, which is one of the best lubricating oils imaginable, and far superior to any petroleum or synthetic oil in a number of ways. It is a little bit expensive, though at $58 for 4 liters.

If you really like the smell, get a bottle of Maxima 927 and put a teaspoon in a full gas tank. :applause:

ahhhh the awesome smell of 927 and race fuel.....its hard to beat

thank you....is there anything for 4-strokes

Yes, Castrol R40. :applause:

513 good lookin out...just put a cap full of 927 in the tank. oh it smells good.



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