well it is mod time on my 07xrl

Well I am sure this has been asked before , but if I desmog & jet the carb but leave the stock exhaust will this cause heat issues ??? I am sure any mod will kill the extended warrenty.. thanks for you help... now I hae to go figure out how the seat comes off ... one to many today....

No it wont cause any heat issues. The way the bike is stock causes heat issues. Going to a bigger pilot jet and main jet will make the bike run better and much cooler. If you do change the exhaust you may have to put an even bigger main jet in the carb depending if it's a high flow muffler.


you wont get much perf. gains with int. mods and no exh. mods. they should be done together. less pulling the carb out for readjusting.one to many today! im jealous!

Seat should come off with the 2 bolts under rear fender, I just got my first DS 03xrl and just found out where those 2 seat bolts were last week there 12mm and go sideways from under fender

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