Any shorter guys ride an XR650L?

I really like the power and build quality of the big Honda but at 5'7", I'm thinking the bike is just too tall for me. Anybody out there my height riding one? Anyone know how much they can be lowered and what the stock seat height is? I used to have an 87' XL600R and I loved the torque and the resulting wheelies! I think it was quite lower than the newer bikes though. Thanks for your help!

You can put a lowering link in the rear suspension. Or ride it as is. Im around 5'-8" and yes the bike is a little too tall...but hey I ride foot on the pegs not on the ground...Once your on the bike its not that bad. I just need to take care while getting on it when I remove side stand.

Thanks! It's good to hear you're able to ride as is....I'll probably put a lowering link and cut down the seat if I buy this bike.

Wow you and i are on the same page.

I use to own a 86/xl600r and now i have a 96 650l. This bike is tall. i want to lower it as well. but i am starting to get use to it. lowering it is fairly simble they sell lowering links on this site. 1 3/4 lower. them you have to lower from the front about an inch if i am mot mistaken so you dont mess up the ergo o nthe bike. someone correct me if i am wrong but your going to need a tork wrench to tighten the fork screws 15 ft pounds each

Welcome to TT, I have a friend who is 5'7" and he cut an inch off the shock spring which effectively lowered the bike about two inches, and he dropped (raised) the forks in the triple clamp about an inch or so. Made a big difference for him, when off road, now hes not always dropping it!

I have a friend who is all so to short for the bike,so he lowered it but wasn't pleased with the results,so now hejust uses one foot on the ground and slides his but part way off the seat.

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