Mojave on Sunday.....

Just to let you guys know that I'll be riding in the Mojave "area" on Sunday. If anyone is interested let me know. Im gonna plant a "Pro-Curcuit T4" in the ground and "Mark" the spot with my GPS (my trusty Garmin 12 the Yugo of GPS's) just to add a little fun to the ride. Im going to be at Mojave Denny's between 7 and 7:30am. Should be a nice,cool day to ride.

Let me know.....

Sorry I missed this one, Dan. I rode our club enduro this weekend at Tokiwa's. All was great until my quads cramped. I need some conditioning. Great course. Ran the old ISDE downhill for the first time. Sort of like Socal, just as steep, but much rockier. Keep me posted if you are doing Mojave again.


Yo Danny, What's up Brother? Long time no hear. Are we still ordering our 03's? I can't wait...



Man, Im glad to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!

You missed our latest "Libel ride". We actually made it to Lake Isabella without the help of the Chopper or having a gun held at us..... The whole time I was picturing old man Libel waiting for us in his overalls with his gun!!! :)

Yes were getting new 03's!!!!!!!!

Did you know there's a Laughlin ride this weekend??? My brother and the Diegel's are all riding there and I'll be up there to race... It's gonna go off!!!!!!!!!!! Did Johnny tell you about it?? I hope so.

I hope you're not bummed at me for the last ride, I wanted to burn your YZ to the ground (fuel leak)!!!! I think that was the toughest night of my life...

Lets roost man!!!!!!!!

If you can't make it to Laughlin next weekend im planning a ride in Mojave (long drive for you) on Feb 24th (Sun) with some cool guys here on TT!!!!

Peace bro.... :D


I didn't miss anything.. hehe.. I've been off the bike for several months try to let my hand and wrist heal up. I am soooo out of shape that I would have just been an anchor for you guys.

Speaking of the fuel leak. My tank had at least two cracks in it. Ty Davis replaced it no questions asked.

I'd like to go with you on the 24th if I can get my crap together. cya


Hey Dan,

I sent you a PM. Check it out.


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