powder coating

I have an 02 yz426...the frame is scratched and the blue paint is pretty much rubbed off. How much would it cost to powder coat it, and what color looks best, blue or silver? Im thinking silver just in case i want to switch the graphics around:thumbsup:

I would get it done by Embee.They are in Cali as well.THey used to do the factory yamaha bikes.I got my 04 frame done there and its insane looking and still is in great shape(sold the bike to my friend).It was supposed to cost me around $380 but it ended up costing only $90(they screwed up).

But whereever you take it you MUST stress to then NOT to get any sand from blasting the frame in the oil resi in the tank.Also flush the tank out with kerosene before sending it to them or the oil residue will screw up the PC.

I just got a price quote to powder coat a CR250 frame and it was $300

I wouldnt PC a aluminum cr250 frame.Thats just me though.I would be kind or worried how the bakeing of the PC would mess with the heat treatment of the aluminum.

All those prices seem a little high to me. In my area, $250 is about the max price you would pay for a frame to be done.

I had my 00 426 powder coated candy apple blue and it cost me $200 :applause:

Does the powder coating wear off on the lower frame close to your boots like with stock?

No, it takes allot of abuse to wear through since the paint is much thicker than factory enamel. My '04 was powder coated in late Nov 04, it's scuffed, but not worn through. BTW mine cost $150 in Buellton Ca.

I did my old bike in a Dark Grey Metalic...




Whoever does it, make sure the vin is masked off, then cleared over it. The place that did mine did not do this, and the powdercoating is so thick, your vin will disappear.

Try olympic powder coating. Got my frame, subframe, and swingarm done black with a clear coat for 220.

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