how to land without a landing

Just land on the back wheel with the gas on hard...... but if I were you I would build a landing :bonk:

ya you shold build a landing that would fix your problems

What's up with ppl givin' me negative reputation points for my last post on here?

Don't stress, he's just pissy cause he got stuck with that tank of a minibike! Those things gotta have 50# on a cr85! I guess out in Cali you prolly can't even buy a 2t out there on the left coast any how. I'd be pissy too.

Alright, someone mentioned jumping and being on your toes, not on your arches. I don't know, but to me, if the landing is hard, I rather be on my arches, squeezing my bike as hard as I can with my legs.

I was going through a rhythm section once, and this guy wasn't jumping, so I turned and went diagonal, coming up short on one of the doubles, I was on the balls of my feet, and I could just remember my heels hitting the ground, and it hurt like a mother. It's been two years, and I still have problems with my ankles.

when i jump without a landing make sure the back wheel goes down first if it doesnt your in trouble and stay on the throttle

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