Pro-Circuit Type 496 for my XR650L?

I'm thinking about getting the PC type 496 silencer for my 06/650L . Just looking for comments on this silencer. Good/bad?

Is it even worth putting just a slip-on on my L?

I'm reading that alot run the super trap (sp?) ?

The 496 seems to be easier for me to get my hands on up here.


Welcome to TT, the pc stuff is good quality, but I think it is a bit louder than the 96db its rated at. It is a very large silencer though and service life seems to be pretty long!

I have one. It is very well made and quiet, highly recommended. PC always makes great stuff.


Thanks for the reply. I'll check out some prices on PC pipes.


i just saw some PC on ebay for about 275 wish i didnt have a WB e-series already id look into one of those prolly

I have the PC 496 on my XR650L and although it is a bit louder than stock I don't think it's annoying loud, I like that it gives it kind of a "bark".


:lol: Hahaha, I just seen the date on the last post before mine... He's probably made a decision by now, ya think? :lol: Oh well, maybe a future noob as myself will find this helpful... Pffft.

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