Need Torque Specs

I'm replacing the valve guide seals on my XL 600, and I'm wondering if there is anywhere I can go or if anyone knows the torque specs for the head bolts. Thanks

I have a Clymer manual. It says

Cylinder head bolts 20-23 ft-lbs


Any chance someone could please tell me the torque specs for the rear sprocket bolts on a XR650L? Thanks! Lumpy

Thanks man!

rear sprocket 46lbs, rear axle 65lbs

:applause: I concur, rear axle nut 65 ft lbs or 90 n-m

driven sprocket mounting nuts 46 ft lbs or 64 n-m

cylinder head bolts 26 ft lbs or 36 n-m

cylinder bolts 36 ft lbs or 50 n-m

Straight out of the Honda manual :eek:

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