Any pics of IMS tank on 426??

Looking for some pics of IMS tanks on a 426 natural color preferably... Thanks


Here's the 3.4 gal "YZ" tank...




Are those turn signals on the rear fender tucked up close to the seat? If so, who make them, how much did they cost, and where did you get them? Furthermore, could you post a close-up picture, if they are turn signals and could you post a picture from the rear of the bike. I am currently in search of rear turn signal that are very low profile. Sorry, for changing the subject but if these are indeed turn signals and they are as low a profile as they appear I want/need a set.

Well...they are sort of turn signals in that they are visible from the rear of the bike and they flash when the turn signal switch is moved tot he left turn or right turn position...they are not, however, DOT approved turn signals, not do they meet the letter of the CA vehicle code for size, spacing etc. They give the appearance of being legal to all but the really well informed, and they let the people behind me know what I'm planning on doing!

They are called "Flush Mount V" marker lights. I ordered them thru a local shop here in Palmdale, but most anyone can order them. They are in the street bike section of the Parts Unlimited catalogue under "marker lights". CHaparral motorsports in San Bernardino stocks them, as do most sport bike oriented shops. They cost between 14 and 20 bucks a pair depending on where you buy them and how much the parts guy likes you.

As far as pics, here you go.



02 426 with IMS (ZipTy) tank:



The best mod for the 426 is the larger tank and YZ seat - it transforms the bike.


Pics of an 06 WR450 with the 3.4 can see the true shape.


Im thinking of geting the one you have birdy... can you see the gas in it? how do you like it?

Im thinking of geting the one you have birdy... can you see the gas in it? how do you like it?

Sure can see the gas. I love it! As JohnJerk said, it transforms the bike. You will be able to get WAY further forward to weight up the front end in the corners.


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