just curious, does anyone with a size 12 foot have tech 8 alpine stars. If so do you also wear a size 12 tech 8. Mine seem kind of tight around the ankle area (size 12) but I am not sure if it is just because the boots are new. I have not bought new boouts in 11 years.



I wear a 12 or 13 depending on the manufacturing variations. My Tech 8 boots are 13 and they were originally snug at the ankles but seem to have broken in nicely. You can take the gel inserts out of the bootie insert to gain a little extra room. I had a bit of "buyer's remorse" just after buying my Tech 8 boots because they're expensive. A few weeks later I was very glad I spent the money because they're comfortable and provide good protection and support.


:) I can't speak for the Tech 8's but when I bought Alpinestars Road bike boots, I had to buy a size bigger than I usually take as they are quite a small fitting.

Size 12 foot here and I also wear a size 12 Alpinestars Tech 8. I went from a three year old set of Tech 5's , which fit like a glove to Tech 8's. They where stiff for a couple of rides. Now that they're broken in they are very comfortable.

I talked with the mfg about a different problem I had and they were very helpful and they have straps of many different lengths avaliable (for free). Give them a call, maybe that would help...

thats a great idea




To give your self a bit more room in your Tech 8's (especially in the toe are) while they are stiff & new, pull the inner-sole out of the bootie. Then put your foot into the bootie & Tech 8 boot.

You may need to pull out the rubber/gel discs from the bootie to give more ankle room (as suggested by Jerry426) or just leave the ankle buckle a bit lose initially.

Play around with these combinations. The boot should be snug but comfortable.

Good luck.

thanks nev

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