YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

We had 60 - 70 degree weather for a while now. I got all my stuff together last night to ride today. When I woke up there was 4 inches of snow! I may still go for it... hmmm

I have ALWAYS said that you almost have to make a concious effort to turn the throttle "wide open" its so unnatural to twist it all the way that you normally dont do it like you should. I always tell my cousin to make an effort to turn it 100% full throttle because I know it makes a difference. Think about this next time your out riding and think when your going down the straights am I wide open? and I bet your not. The bike might be revving but your throttle is more than likely 80-90% twisted.

excellent post, very detailed, i will try it this weekend if i get time after i fix my water pump seal, supermotard in a parking lot and motocross at the indoor track.

I know you guys will like the mod. And for those of you who are doing it because they have a tough time going full throttle without your wrist ending up in a bad position then you will LOVE this mod.

For those of you a little scared of doing this mod then you have to know that you still have to twist your wrist a good amount, this just eliminates that last little bit that to go full throttle.

for those of you doing the mod take a pic of the thottle fully closed, fully open and then after the mod full throttle to help everyone understand, hell those are the only pics I forgot and and would help everyone understand what we are talking about.

I'm going to Glamis this coming weekend so I get to use this mod in the dunes.... when in doubt, gas it!!!!! enjoy the mod guys.:bonk:

Mental, have you been able to get out and ride yet? :bonk:

Will the PVC pipe adhere to a metal aftermarket throttle tube? I can see how it would glue together quite nicely with the stock plastic, but I have a metal throttle assembly.

Looks trick!

I used the Lepages 5 min expoxy glue, it says good for metal and plastic. I would think it would work, maybe sand the metal and make sure it's nice and clean for the glue to adhear to.

You will love this mod, I did it on my 450 and like it.

Did this mod last week on my 426 worked great. I too had a hard time getting full throttle. I ride the hills at Carnegie and it was almost to fast for me. I tried it yesterday(Hillslimbs) for the first time, but maybe I'm just not use to it yet. In the description you say to use a 1 1/4" coupler on mine it was 1 1/4" pipe not the coupler. Great post!

FineTyme, glad you liked it, yes, it takes a few trips to get used to throttle because in your mind you've ridden all those years having to twist the hell out of the throttle to go wide open. When your mind tells you you want to go 50 percent throttle and your wrist gives you what you have learned is 50 percent throttle and this new throttle gives you 60 percent throttle with the same wrist motion. Don't worry you will get used to it soon and never want to use a stock throttle again. Let us know in a few weeks how you like the mod.

You will also notice when you want to go full throttle it takes what a normal throttle 3/4 of what it used to right?

Did it seem like your bike is much faster than stock now? Funny how your brain tricks you about how fast the bike is now and everyone knows it doesn't have any more power. :bonk:

And the best thing is you can customize the throttle to your liking depending on teh amout of curve you put in the PVC, and yes, any PVC pipe should work.

This is a very common roadrace mod. even yamaha sells the q-turn throttle. Not sure if it would work the the 450?

Just got back from Glamis Dunes and the throttle mod worked great, it's the perfect mod for dunes.

Any others give it a try yet?

I loved this mod on my streetbike and gotta try it on the 450. Never seen the pvc trick though, thanks dude.

I wonder if this mod would allow the WR crowd to get full throttle without having to change the throttle stop, which technically makes their bikes closed course bikes...

Nope, it just opens it quicker. The travel is limited at the carb, not in the twist grip.

Yeah, I know the throttle stop is in the carb, I was just thinking that doing this mod might gain those guys a tiny bit more without having to cut/change the throttle stop to allow the throttle to open up more... I'm just glad I bought the YZ and not a WR.

nice tutorial

very nice mod...

got me thinking...

Going to study those photos before I dive in though...

This mod does not fix the WR throttle issue, it would let you go half throttle faster, :thumbsup:

Hope you guys like the mod, well worth the $0.37. Let us know how it works out for everyone, I love this mod in the dunes. It also allows me to have better throttle control in the whoops when you are standing up and have to blip the throttle to wheelie over sections, dosesn't put your wrist in a bad position.

Thanks for the post. I've been wanting to put QT on my bike for a while now & priced it out, $100.00. Decided not to....I can and will do this mod. Great detailed instructions and the pics are awsome.:thumbsup:

I had what they call a perilunate dislocation,which is I tore a ligament in my right wrist and dislocated the perilunate bone. I noticed after the surgery and after taking 4 weeks of rehab......to this day I still cant bring my wrist back all the way like I can on my left. I can only bring it back 40 degree's compared to 60 degree's on my left. I loosened the to screws on the back of the throttle assembly and just turned the throttle back enough to where I could get it to wot......

Wouldnt this serve the same purpose?

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