YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

And for those of you wanting to try but not having the guts to modify your stock throttle tubes, motion pro makes a replacement throttle tube for $9.95. Buy one and modify that throttle tube :applause:

Well I finished it and the glue is curing now. I took a quick test ride in my back yard before I glued it and it feels really good. Hard to tell though, I will be getting some track time tomorrow so I will let you guy know how I like it.

Can't wait! Great mod mbiker!

I tested mine at the track last weekend during the three laps they give you before the race. It didnt take me but just one lap to get use to it and I loved it.

So will this work on any bike? 2 strokes?

Yea!........You just have to measure the end of the throttle where the cable goes. See how big around it is....the part of the throttle where the cable rides on and find a pvc coupler that is the same size.... Then all you do is cut it,shape it then glue it.....Thats all!

yes, what captain said, should work, let us know how it turns out.

Cool thanks I'm in the process of getting my yz250f sold. But I'll definetly will update you guys when I do it to my next bike(2-stroke).

i did this mod to my 01 gsxr 600 street bike a while ago and loved it. i'm plain on doing it on my next dirtbike aswell

Great detail, gonna have to go back out in the garage now!

I agree with Mbiker. The new 450's are comming out with throttle assemblies that are WAY to tame. maybe it's the sport biker in me. I have a the fly by wire R6 and the thing flys much faster than my 450 under the wrist twist. its down right dissappointing to battle some one on a straight away on a dirt bike track and realize your wrist is maxed out and the throttle isn't pinned yet.

I think this is a much bigger problem for guys that ride street bikes the amjority of the time and occassionally hit a motocross race on the weekends. The way you set your throttle in your hadn is entirely different and can cause confusion on a motocross track when you're going corner to corner against a youngen or vet for that matter that only rides dirt bikes. This is something that mostly sport bike riders would be able to relate too. I've had a lot of confused looks from my dirt only buddies when i told them the throttle on my '08 YZ450 took too much to pin.

I wish I would have seen this before I bought the G2. But Sam at g2 is a good guy. This is a much cheaper alternative.


I did it to the throttle on my '08 WR450F and love it!

I ended up turning up a piece of nylon bar to the size I wanted (3mm thick) and cutting/glueing that in there.

For the record: On the WR I had to trim the ends of both cables (the plastic bend/guide) in order for the newly enlarged section to slide past them, but other than that it was exactly as described.

Great idea, THANKS!


Is that straight off of #22?

Things happen fast enough on a 450 the way it is.....


Ditto! I can't imagine doing this kind of mod on a dirt bike throttle. One slip, one bump, one mistake, you're hatin it. Plus unless you have the carb set up perfectly, you are gonna bog the h--l out of it. Only my opinion. I will and can see it on a street bike.


One slip, one bump, one mistake, you're hatin it. Plus unless you have the carb set up perfectly, you are gonna bog the h--l out of it.

I hear what you are saying and you are right.

...i guess it comes down to experience. Personally, I have been riding since I was 8 years old (I'm 45 in July), so I think I have throttle control pretty-well sorted! After 3 days riding over the weekend I love the difference it makes.

Horses for courses.


This is probably the best post that I have come across since I have been on here. I have always said it is very uncomfortable to ride wide open, And I do a lot of dune riding so there is a lot of wide open rides. It feels like you will break your rist if you hit a bump. I will definately be trying this modification out. Thanks for the post

I discovered this mod and think it is the answer to my problem. I am 6'5" and ride an 03' 450. When I stand up to attack a jump, the only way I can really get on the throttle is by lowering my left shoulder to a very odd position to get my wrist to allow for WOT. I'm just to far from the handlebars. Moving my Pro Tapers up makes the ride position in turns akward. That being said, I need some help with this mod. I am not a mechanically inclined person and am wondering how this mod works. Sliding the piece of plastic on the throttle tube does what? Why does that shorten the turn of the throttle? Does anyone have pictures of the piece on there from the BACK? I can't tell what's happening from the front shot.

Lastly, does anyone sell this as an aftermarket piece? I see if done at home it's only .37 cents but if I can't figure it out, I am willing to buy it already done... OR does someone want to mod a tube for me and sell it to me to have my mechanic install at a reasonable price. I'll pay for the stock tube, labor and shipping from a trustworthy member.

Let me know!

I did this mod guys, and yeah it takes some getting used to, only a couple laps though. I will never go back to the stock throttle tube... so much easier on the wrists and hands, and you positioning is much better. I can't say everyone will like it, but from my point of view it is hard to see why anyone wouldn't. Oh, I did it on an 06' YZ450... i love the bike, especially now.

I have a quarter turn on my CR250 and have found no problem adapting to it from the YZ400. In fact I find I can change between the bikes without having any throttle control problems at all.

I will probably do the mod to my YZ400 soon as I am about to fit a new throttle body to it anyway and now I have the experience with the 250, I have no concerns about proceeding at all.

BTW the 250 has a fiercer power rush than the 400 (which comes on earlier and over a wider range) and is in fact harder to control.

did this mod tonight and cant wait to test it. its probably the best hop up mod i've seen yet, speaking as somone with a bad wrist :):lol:

By far the best $5 and 20 min you could do for your bike. Was having problems with a rhythm section due to not being able to twist enough while in attack position. Did this mod and went to same section - what a difference. Regripping is a thing of the past now! Actually had to grind down pcv a little more after doing mod, cause it pulled a little too much for my liking. Made everything about the bike better! A couple of times gave it a little too much gas when swapping, but would have done the same thing with stock setup, it just got back into shape faster :lol:

thanks for the detailed post! I just did it to my 08 yz450f and have a quick question.

I adjusted the throttle cable all the way in at the carb and the throttle and now there is 0 throttle play. It seems to shut completely off and works smooth all through the motion but i wonder if some play is needed? If so do I need to get a longer cable?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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