YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

Great, thanks!

He means!.... "instead of gripping the throttle normal", (like the most of us do). You bring your hand from the side and grip the throttle,if ya know what I mean.

In other words,your hand is not just sitting flat on the throttle(in a normal grip) Its like you are gripping the throttle from the back side of the grip.

Picture this: Say you have a chopper with those handlebars that go way up and then curve back to you and the grips are actually downward.

Anyways!... all you're doing is holding your hand on the throttle in a different manner other than normal to get a more WOT position. This may be true but you will loose some gripping in the process. You will not be able to hold on as good.

Somebody else try to explain it. :banghead:

Gary Bailey explains this nicely in his riding videos. Hold your throttle like you would hold a tennis racket. Walk up to your bike from the right side with your arm nearly straight (almost no elbow bend) and grab your throttle like it is a tennis racket to get the idea.

Gripping both sides of your bars like this positions your elbows out, which is great for balance/control.

From this position, turn the throttle as if it were a door knob. You'll be able to go from fully closed to fully open without dropping your arm/elbow at all.

I like this throttle tube mod and plan to try it soon. Thanks mbiker_101.

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Did this on my 05 zx-10 and I'm still picking pieces of my ass off the pavement! BOINKK!!!

I can't believe this thread is still going, I wrote this almost 10 years ago. Still riding dirtbikes and loving every minute.

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