EPC (electronic parts catalogue)

This may or may not be of use to you all, but I can generally have free run on a Genuine Yamaha EPC which does list ALL the models that Yamaha do, I know there are various online M-Fische sites, but this is the genuine article,updated regularly. If anyone wants some part no's looking up, please feel free to pm me, and I should be able to try find them in reasonably short order. :)


I'm a real bike geek and have 5 bikes now (just got rid of one, used to have 6). I even have an old microfiche machine and have parts fiches for all my bikes except the new WR. I'm hoping some of the places that sell fiches (like Ebay, etc..) will have one soon.

Having your own microfiche reader (I paid $40 for mine) and fiches is great. You can get really nice big exploded views of how things go together. I do all of my own wrenching and sometimes I take things apart and am not sure of which washer or whatever goes where. The parts fiches are great. The service manuals for bikes don't always have great pictures of everything.

My understanding is that all Yamaha dealers get new fiche cards on a regular basis? Like monthly or something? If this is the case, can I get an "outdated" fiche for a WR from you? Please! :-)


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:) Tom it all sounds perfectly reasonable to me! LOL, I will check as to what is happening with these fische's, The point of the EPC as I understand is to get rid of Fisch altogether, they update monthly etc etc..... Using the EPC is quite cool, you can zoom in , out, find alternative part, it automatically gives you superceeded part no's etc :D

As I said I'll check with my friend as to what they are doing with the said articles and if they will give them to me you can have them with pleasure :D

Were there any particular fisch that you wanted?

just reply or pm me




Great. I'd like a fiche for an 2002 WR426F. That's it. I've got all the rest for my other bikes. Took a while to get one for my 1992 Yamaha TDM850 (love that bike) but finally found it.



:) Tom, I should be visiting the shop in Mon so I will enquire then for you :D



I've been into the shop today and they are keeping the fisches for the time being, as back up for the EPC....however they said they would give me a shout when they decide to get rid, so there may be hope yet :)

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