2001 Wr425 Questions (Vermont/red sticker)

Ok so i am very new to dirt bikes and from recommendations from a friend they told me i should go with a WR 2001+ 426 or higher for my first dirt bike.

I have found a bike that will be looking at today but i have a few general questions on the Vermont plate/Street legal bike in California. I was told the bike is red sticker but can be green stickered if i get it registered in CA, but if do it will not be street legal.

I really would like to be able to run in the Green Sticker areas but then again i also want to ride this on the street at some point.

I have done a few searches on the forums about Dual Sport and Vermont plates but i can't seem to find a answer to match my situation.

One last question, was the 2001 Yamaha WR 426 stock Green Sticker in California?

Thanks for all the help!

You beat me to it... I just got on to post the same thing! These guys are great. They are the ones with first hand experience and will give you their honest opinions. I'll keep searching and try to find the info if it is already in the forum.

From the FAQ sticky...

"Q: Which WR is Red/Green sticker compliant?

A: 98-02, 05+ are Green Sticker compliant. The 03-04 are Red Sticker bikes."

Well thats good to know, it can be green stickered if i remove the plates.

Yeah, I read up on it a little and it seems that it is definitely green sticker, but can't be transfered to Cali with the "D/S" status... We can try tho!

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