Good deal on 650L?

03', I think he'll take $4000, it has 740 miles, the only thing to complain about is the tire wear (normal) and chain and sprocket wear from riding in the rain. My only other option is an 07' Demo for $5100 OTD with 250miles.

I just got my 03 2 weeks ago with 9k miles for $2600 so i think you could do better as everyone swears by these pigs going 20k 30k and more miles. Thats gonna have to be your choice on a 03 for $4k

$4000 for an 03 is high indeed! A reasonable cost would be more like $3200-$3500, but no more!

Any options? It is a little high,but around here a new one is almost 6k so if its next to new? Try and work him down a couple of hundred if it will make you feel good.

Too late, bought it. Considering I almost payed 5340 OTD on a Demo with 500 less miles I'm O.K with it.

It's perfect but this fuggin' guy never once changed the oil. It's pretty black but not a spec of dirt of metal shavings. Oh well, nothing to do now but ride the hell out of it.

congratulations, now change the oil clean the screen at the bottom of the downtube, new filter too, if he didnt change the oil the air filter needs to bereplaced too. Then get out there and ride :applause: After 500 or so miles change the oil again!

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