clutch problem!!

hi all,right basically im having probs with my '00 yzf426, i cant get the clutch plates to sit right, the actuator rod arm will spin way to far before it moves the pressure plate, and with the clutch cover of i can see that theres a big gap, now i rebuilt the gearbox back in november and have barely used it since, and i did have to adjust the cable loads to get it to grip after i rebuilt, so have i put something back in the wrong order?

hope someone can shed some light on the problem as im supposed to be racing sunday!!


did you putted in the spherethat goes inside the primary gear axel that pushes the clutch plates?

sorry which bit?

He's asking about the steel ball that sits between the long and short push rods.

is there meant to be a ball bearing in there then? got the long rod which goes through the shaft, then the part which actually pushes on the pressure plate, should there be a bearing in between then?

edit: just found a different part diagram which has a ball bearing in, have attatched both- is one wrong or just for a different year? anyone know what size the bearing is?




Apparently, the 2000 did not have one. Could be you have a mix of parts with a later model.:applause:

Note the splined thrust washer behind the clutch boss (hub) (#11 in both illustrations), It is possible to have this drop off the end of the splines and space the boss too far out on the main shaft. Might check that.

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