XR650L Oil Filter

I'm getting ready for my first oil change in the new bike. I just went down to the dealer where they hooked me up with a free oil filter.:applause:

The filter they gave me seems really small in comparison to other motorcycles I've had in the past, and the guys at this dealership aren't too sharp.

I know the filters don't need to be much, I just expected more.

The one I got is about 2 inches in diameter and 1 and 3/8 inches deep, Honda part number 15410-KFO-315. I just wanted to check before I took everything apart and ended up needing a different filter. Thanks in advance.

LOL i know they are small mine for my 400ex is like that im not sure if there the same but they are pretty small

15410-KFO-315 is the part number for a oil filter for a xr650r and xr400. Not sure but I think all xr's use the same oil filter.

I just looked at it and thought this thing looks like it belongs in a lawnmower. Thanks guys, I feel a little better now.

They are small, and they say to change it every other oil change. I can't imagine wanting to do that but. When I went to a local auto parts place they had number fot the XRR650 but not for the L ,maybe two diff. filters after all.

OK - this is what I found on the internet -

Honda Genuine Parts - Engine Oil Filter - Honda XR250R / XR350R / XR400R / XR500 / XR600R / XR650L / XR650R / TRX400EX

PART NUMBER: HO-15410-KF0-305

But I am looking at my invoice for the 2 filters I bought yesterday and it has a part number of 15410-KFO-315.

My sons KLX 110 takes the same oil filter as the XR650L :applause:

When i got a filter the guy told me there were only 3 different filters that Honda uses Pretty wild with so many different bikes but smart on the companys behalf to not have so many different filters. Anyone use the K+N filter before? Ive seen them at XR's only for a few bucks less than stock but the guy said he would use OEM first then K+N as a second resort.

Check this site out for microfiche parts i looked for my two hondas and it says to different oil filters xr650l + 400ex


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