att: 05 yz450 owners

in all my confusion over gas tanks recently, it seems to have worked out quite well and i'd like to share what i've found out. it started when i sold my 04 wr and bought my new 05yz,i had a clarke 2.8 on the wr and put that tank on my yz(they have both mounting holes so it wasn't a issue) put my yz stuff on the wr along with yz seat and shrouds(it took a little finagling but it all fit) at this time i was concentrating on HS racing moreso than the usaul trail/adventure riding where the large capacity tank was needed;and the clarke 2.8 was a serious hinderance for moving forward on the seat,so now that capacity was not a issue i asked if the feller i sold the wr to wanted to swap back...he agreed and i got back what i thought was a 2.1 gallon yz tank which after a 2 hr practice was empty,now the math didn't work out so i looked at the manual and sure enough its 1.85 gal !!! that quart extra would have been my buffer for the 2hr HS....well crap i scratched my behind and came up with i might as well get the IMS 3.4 race tank everyone else uses..ya,i got that and what a freakin abortion that thing is,twice as heavy and without the crossover you must lay the bike over to get the fuel from one side to the other! and its also as wide as the clarke was! so it went back. that left me with the only other option of of a wr tank. i got the 05 wr450 tank which is a 2.6 gal,i had ordered new shrouds as the wr and yz had always been different and had planned to monkey my yz seat to fit the wr tank;well to my surprise the yz seat and the stock yz shrouds fit! i needed new shrouds anyway so it was no biggie,but i guess for 05 the yz and wr shared the same seat/tank/shrouds.

anyway you can order a 2.6 05 wr450 tank and swap it out on your 05 yz with no other mods;seat,shrouds,petcock,mounts,everything is the same;and there is no width difference its a hair taller but most of the extra is carried lower and its much less obtrusive than the clarke or IMS:thumbsup: :applause:

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