07 YZ450F Cough and Stall

Well, bike spit me off the other day landing from a jump. Went to give it throttle right before landing and it coughed and stalled (it's been bogging a fair amount but hadn't stalled until now). When I landed I got punted up over the crossbar pad until it re-lit while I was still holding the throttle open and it shot right out from under me. Fortunately niether the bike nor myself were injured, just pride.

I'm stationed over in the UK at the moment and the temps are a little on the chilly side (40's to mid 50's @ 500ft ASL). The jetting appears to be a little lean. I'd like to get the Zip-Ty mod everyone is raving about but being here in the UK it's just not feasable.

So, how to fix the problem. I've already ordered the Boyesen quickshot (worked wonders on my 03 YZ450 and my KTM 525). I've also upped the main to a 162 which seems to have sorted the slight cold starting issue I had (haven't ridden it yet with the bigger main so not sure whether it affected anything else). Haven't pulled the carb so not sure about float height or tried a 48 pilot. Currently 2 1/2 out on fuel screw.

My question is should I do the Barrons AP mod or order the JD Jet kit and install the Quickshot?

The AP mod appears to be geared towards more snap out of corners. While I agree the bottom end is a little weak I can live with that if the fueling is clean.

Will the JD kit along with the Quickshot clean up the fueling off the bottom? Or, can he stock (NFLR) needle with bigger main, pilot and quickshot solve the problem?

Would like to avoid pulling the carb multiple times while experimenting if at all possible (PIA to pull sub frame and shock each time).

Sorry for the long winded post. Just wanted to get as much info as possible included.

Thanks in advance, John

I would cancel the order for the Quickshot. I sent my carb to Zip ty for their mod. Supposed to get it back tomorrow.

Dude. Did you not read my post? I'm in the UK. I can't send my carb to Zip-Ty!

I need the next best solution.


Lorance, I've been trying to sort out the off-idle bog on my 07 450 also but haven't had any luck yet. Cancel the Quick Shot order: it doesnt' help. I had one already and put in on with no improvement. The Zip-Tie mod seems to be the way to go, and I'm going to send mine too. Call them up and work out the shipping issue. It will cost you some but not having the Quick Shot will make up the difference. Heck, UPS goes all around the world.

Dude. Did you not read my post? I'm in the UK. I can't send my carb to Zip-Ty!

I need the next best solution.


Yeah, I did read your post. Please don't call me dude. Save the money you were going to waste on the Quickshot and spend it on shipping your carb. to Zip - Ty.

Try a 48 pilot and adjust the fuel screw a bit. I tried one in my 07 and it was just slightly rich but not too bad. I ride in temps around 70 deg or more usually so I went back to 45 and 162. It might work out well for you in the cooler temps. Good luck.

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