Question for the electrical gurus

I was thinking of adding an aftermarket brake light to my XR650R. Right now the stock taillight is wired to also act as a brake light when the rear brake is applied. What would be the correct way to wire the second taillight? Could I just splice the existing wire and parallel to the existing light or would that give me two dim lights?

You'll be fine if the rest of the lighting is stock. You should be able to wire parallel to your existing tail light setup without issues. That's exactly what I did. If your system does not have adequate output for both tail lights the problem will not be with the parallel wiring but with the stock stator output. That's why dual sport kits include a battery to boost output somewhat. I have a Baja Designs dual sport kit which has extra parallel wiring for an additional tail light. As I use my bike extensively on road I rewound my stator for more output and added a 55/60W headlight in addition to electric handwarmers with excellent results. Now the battery is no longer necessary as long as the engine is running, even at idle. Should you chose to go that way search for a thread titled "DIY stator rewind" for all the details. That rout will cost about $25. Or you can buy an aftermarket stator already rewound which is a plug & play affair, though it costs considerably more. That's the long answer to your short question. Let us know what you end up with.

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