crank rebuild knife rod or hot rod crank

i am gonna be getting my bottom end rebuilt soon and the guys at rocket factory are trying to tell me that hot rod cranks suck and they are made over seas some were (then i said well isnt the bike from over seas )

well is this true do they suck

have you guys heard off a knife rod ,they are telling me this is better than anything out and it cost 400 for this to be done they send it out and a shop that rebuilds the crank with the knife rod (the rod is coated and cut some special way)

has any one seen a hot rod crank and rod or a knife rod

maybe some pics

never seen a hot rod/crank, but a knife rod must be a lighter, sharped rod, that should alow the engine to rev better due to a better air flow inside the engine.

why do you change your rod, and on how many hours

ive probaly got about 150 hours probably alot more but im not doing this yet just wanna start getting my parts

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