First Valve Adjustment

Iam having the valves adjusted on my 07 WR 450 next the local Yamaha dealer. After tommorows ride at Hollister I will have probaly 200 miles, on the odometer and about 15-20 hours on it. What do some of you TT guys use as a timeline for valve adjustments? The manual calls for 600 miles which seems like a little too long. The service manger at the shop sugguested installing a hour meter to keep better track of the hours on the bike, sounds like a ggod idea to me. Thanks in advance

If you don't race, then once or twice a year should be fine. My question is why not do it yourself? You get two benefits out of DIY...First, you know it's done right and second, you get to know your bike a helluva lot better...SC

Don't open it up unless you experience symptoms of being out of tolerance.

I checked mine at 700 miles and everything was still right on.


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