ThumperTalk Sticker

Just got my stickers in the mail and slapped them on my front fender! Looks great! Well worth the 12 bucks I paid for them.


Got mine also.........Looks great!!!!!

Pete :)

me too me too

arse kickin'!!

I've had mine on now for just about a year....Cannot destroy the things...They have survived 1000 pressure washes and atleast 100 crashes on each side......and Not a Mark on em....

Bonzai :)

Boo Hoo.....who'll help a pour EURO guy out...I can't order cos I dont live in the good ole YOO ESS of AYE !!

My paypal is ready to roll or I'll send you the bucks by mail.

missile, I will send you some decals. just PM me with your email and address and I will order em.



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