400/426 Head question

where is the vacuum port i need plug on the 400 in order to use it with my 426, what would happen if it wasn't pugged?

Left hand side of the intake runner, almost to the aft edge. It's a brass nipple sticking out. If you don't plug or cap it, you will have a monster vacuum leak, your bike will run like shit, probably won't idle, will bog off the bottom, will be lean on top, and will suck in dirt and dust thru the open hole.

A Picture is worth a thousand words...

I drilled out the brass nipple, tapped the hole for a 6mm bolt, stuck one in there with Permatex No 2 slathered on the threads and a copper washer under the flange on the bolt head, and dressed the threaded end off flush with the port wall on the inside.


wow, a picture makes it so easy thanks a bunch :applause::eek:

wow, a picture makes it so easy thanks a bunch :applause::eek:

You're quite welcome. Isn't it great to be living in the digital age?

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