Who is running with the rekluse z start pro? Im thinking of getting for this season. I have heard a few horror stories of clutchs frying multiple times. I have 0n 06 wr 450.

I've been thinking about the Rekluse, too and I happened to meet a pretty serious rider (friend of a friend) who says that he puts them in every bike he has. He said they're great for off-road, technical stuff and he even loves them on the MX track. This guy knows some very big names in the sport and says that they all love Rekluse. He did mention something about a 4th generation unit that is the one to get.

Oh, he said that the down-side is that you can't really bump-start with a Rekluse unless you can get enough speed.

Just my $0.02!


The Rekluse is great! Best thing I did for the bike. However you can't bump start no matter how fast you push the bike, it only engages with engine speed.

Anyone have any problems? What oil are you guys using? Any installation problems? maintenance issues? I know its a great upgrade everyone loves it but I know people have had some issues.


No issues at all, it’s a great product and their customer service it first class! I run Rotella T 5w40 synthetic.

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