What size filler guages do u need to adj valves?

What size filler guages do I need when I check my valves on my 06 yz450f and where can I get them?:applause:

I picked up a pair at Schuck's auto parts but came home to see that they are too big, take a look at the manual and see the specs, then get a set of really tiny ones.....I'll be looking as well.

I am going to assume that you're asking about what different thicknesses (?sp) do you need. I would think that a automotive feeler gauge set ($4-$5) would be all you need. You can usually pick between the regular straight-blade set or the bent-blade type (tappet feeler gauge set, I think it's called). Either set will have any thickness you need. If you can find the kind with the longer, straight blades, they work best for me in tighter places (allows me to check clearances without having to cram big hands into small places). They are a bit pricier but well worth the extra cost. You can find individual feeler gauges at tool supply houses and occassionally on ebay.

If you are referring to what specific thickness of gauges you need, I would suggest looking in your manual or on Yamaha's web site. They should have an online manual you can reference.

Thanks for the info guys!

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